Omar Bechini

omar bechini

Accountant and Legal Auditor, enrolled in the Pistoia Registry of Accountants and Expert Accountants since 2004, Bechini graduated with honors from the University of Florence. He has collaborated with the studio since 1999. He received a Masters in Auditing and Control from the University of Pisa, specializing in management control and consulting in terms of financial management.


He collaborates with the Pistoia Tribunal as Bankruptcy Curator and has developed vast experience in the area of business restructuring and conflict procedures in this sector. He has developed courses and taught training courses for managers of credit institutions and business frameworks in the areas of tax law, budgeting and corporate law and is a reviewer of Local Entities.


Much of my contribution involves numbers that, through long hours of work, go into designing the complex reality of a business in an incredibly precise way: its critical points, key points for its development and its improvement. I try to do this with the maximum care and efficiency. A citation from Pirsig that I especially like seems to reflect our efforts: “Whatever work you do, if you transform what you are doing into an art, most probably you will discover that for other people you have become an interesting person and not an object. This is because your decisions, made while taking Quality into account, change you as well. Even better: This work of Quality that you thought no one noticed is noticed, and then some, and those who see it feel a little bit better: probably you transfer to others this sense of yours and in this way Quality continues to spread” (Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance).

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