Paola Quilici

paola quiliciAccountant and Legal Auditor, Paola Quilici graduated with honors from the University of Pisa. She is enrolled in the Lucca Registry of Accountants and Expert Accountants. She served her apprenticeship at the studio, with which she has collaborated since 1996. Paola Quilici is a secure point of reference for all clients in terms of business and fiscal matters. She held the position of secretary of the Lucca UGDC and is specialized in VAT accounting in national and international relations.


Mine is a demanding battle, sometimes frustrating, in a context where regulations, deadlines, indications and laws are constantly changing, where information and continual updating of instruments sometimes becomes the objective, where formality and substance sometimes overlap and other times seem to be in opposition. To excel in my sector requires precision, consistency, attention to detail and above all, study. Sometimes the client doesn’t dwell on these specific aspects, but shows an awareness of them in terms of the esteem that the Studio holds: this is the best response to the demands that each of us makes upon ourselves, in carrying out our own specialty.

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