Pierpaolo Vannucci

pierpaolo vannucciFounding member of the firm MGI Vannucci & Associati, Pierpaolo Vannucci has been enrolled in the Lucca Registry of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts since 1984.

The firm has offices in Lucca and Florence and is composed of 18 people: 4 partners, 4 professionals and 10 qualified collaborators. The structure is part of the international network MGI Worldwide and CPAAI, a worldwide association of small and medium professional accounting and auditing consulting firms. This network was established more than 73 years ago and is currently represented in over 99 countries on all continents with over 10,000 professionals from 645 firms.

He has a vast amount of experience in fiscal and business consultancy and examination procedures. He also deals with business contracts, financing and financial management, extraordinary operations, family business consultancy and generational transfers, networks of companies and business internationalization.

Pierpaolo Vannucci holds the role of Mayor auditor in private and agency businesses that are supported primarily by public capital. He is currently the coordinator of the internationalization commission for the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts in Lucca and member of the national association AICEC. He is on the list of mediators of the CCIAA of Lucca, Pistoia and Florence, and the list of mediators of the Financial Banking Conciliator of Rome.

In the last ten years he has developed a passion for internationalization processes, networks of companies and innovative startups and SMEs. Since 2011, he has participated as a speaker in numerous events and collaborated in the setting up and management of networks of companies, both subject and contract.

As far as internationalization is concerned, he has been able to support companies, also through a wide network of partnerships with selected local and international operators, in the activities necessary to enter foreign markets such as the United Arab Emirates, Albania, Brazil, India and Israel.

With reference to startups and innovative SMEs, he collaborates with a certified incubator. This has allowed him to acquire a good experience in this field.

My primary daily task is to pay attention to the outside: to perceive, examine and consider the various opportunities that present themselves for the growth of our studio and its members and to furnish clients with continually improving service, up to the level of their expectations. I feel that it is my responsibility to help the studio grow, making it ever more reliable, monitoring the constant improvement of working procedures in order to reduce the possibility of error, and to motivate all the staff towards continuous professional development, while respecting our ethical and professional principles.

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