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Sharing is one of our core values. For this reason, we constantly research and publish valuable information on the most important issues for foreigners who want to live or do business in Italy.

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farm in italy

10 questions before buying a Farm in Italy or a property complex

If you are planning to spend your time "under the Italian sun" by purchasing an agricultural property, and you want to maximize its architectural, ...
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decreto flussi

Visa Italy for non-EU citizens

The phenomenon of migration is a defining social event of our epoch. While international migration has been a reality in Italy for more than ...
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visa italy

Investor visa for Italy: Interview with a US Investor, Residence Permit in Italy in 4 months

What is Investor Visa?The Investor Visa is a visa for non-EU citizens who decide to make an investment or philanthropic donation in Italy, thus ...
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freelance nomade

Digital Nomads: a new professional frontier for foreigners in Italy

Who are digital nomads? The Covid-19 health emergency has certainly turned our lives upside down. Maintaining the necessary interpersonal distance, with the consequent limitation ...
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Invest in Italy: facilitated regime for capital gains on shares in innovative Companies

Invest in Italy: important news from 2021 Innovative companies are one of the cornerstones of current industrial policy and a fundamental tool for the ...
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patent box

The Patent Box: tax benefits for intangible assets

What is Patent Box? Starting with the 2015 tax year, the ITALIAN Government has introduced important tax breaks aimed at encouraging investment by companies, ...
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Italy Startup Hub: Visa for Italy for non-UE citizens 

Several European countries have recognised that the ability to attract and retain highly skilled foreign workers and innovative entrepreneurs is a key factor in ...
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Italia Startup Visa

How to live and work in Italy as a foreign business owner: Italia Startup Visa

The Italia Startup Visa is an instrument of the Italian government designed to attract innovative business owners and highly qualified workers to our country ...
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Why should you create an innovative Startup in Tuscany?

Support for young and foreign “startuppers” Innovative startups are spreading throughout Tuscany. The Tuscan Region reinforces innovation within the Tuscan entrepreneurial system by supporting ...
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investor visa

Investor Visa for Italy: an Opportunity for Foreign Investors

Italy: a country where you can invest Italy is recognized worldwide as one of the best countries in which to live. Just think of ...
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startup Italy

7 Good Reasons to Create an Innovative Startup in Italy

Why is it a good idea to open an innovative startup in Italy? The Italian government has implemented a special legislative package to favor ...
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tax benefits

Informations about Tax Benefits in Italy shared by MGI Wordwide CPAAI

We are proud of the visibility that MGI Worldwide CPAAI provides to our article, about Tax Benefits for workers and foreign investors in Italy ...
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