Awaiting the agro-solar park announcement in Italy

There is great anticipation for the “Agro-voltaic Park” announcement, aimed at supporting investments in the productive structures of  the agricultural, zoo-technical and agro-industrial sectors, for the installation of solar panels, systems of intelligent management of flows and accumulators, for removal and disposal of asbestos on existing roofs and for building new insulated roofs, to create automated systems of ventilation and/or cooling.

The financial contribution for the measure is impressive: 1.5 billion euro, relying on the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) for the years 2022 to 2026, of which at least 40% is reserved for financing projects to be carried out in the regions of Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily. Those who can benefit from the measure are Professional Agricultural Businesses (IAP), Direct Cultivators (CD) enrolled in agricultural insurance, and Agro-industrial businesses.


While waiting for the approval of the European Commission, the agriculture businesses or sectors that want to be ready for approval of the announcement can find important indications in the ministerial decree published at the beginning of May.

In particular, article 7 comma 4 of the decree indicates that the request for assistance should be accompanied by a technical report sworn by a licensed professional, containing:

  • Description of the site and of works to be carried out covered by the application for the contribution;
  • Preliminary estimate of the costs and the works, broken down by the type of intervention;
  • Time schedule of the technical-administrative activities needed to carry out each of the interventions for which support is requested, from the time of concession of the contribution until the conclusion of the works, within the time limits called for by the PNRR;
  • Description of the works, which should contain the technical specifications of the materials used for each of the interventions for which the support is requested, respecting the principle of “doing no significant harm”;
  • Survey of the building cadastre;
  • Identifying documentation for the property;
  • Preliminary photographic dossier documenting the state of the properties and eventual asbestos coverage at the time that the request is presented.

Authorizations that may be required by law should be possessed and shown prior to initial financial disbursements.


Our studio offers all the needed assistance for requesting the financing made available by the Minister of Agricultural Policies.

The assistance is both for the phase of filling out the request, and for the phase of reporting admissible expenses prior to dispensation of the final amount of financing. Furthermore, thanks to our collaboration with Sol Lucet Trading srl, ESCo (Energy Service Company) with headquarters in Lucca but operating throughout Italy, we can also offer you a comprehensive “turnkey package” for an estimate for creating the photovoltaic system.

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