Business growth through networking, the example of Cpaai MGI Worldwide

We are constantly advising our clients to do networking. To do networking is to manage relationships and exchanges with other subjects in an organised and conscious way.

There are three main advantages:

  • Opening up to new markets/customers
  • Making your business more competitive
  • Increasing knowledge and collaborative spirit

Our experience with a network: meeting in Bologna

We are:

  • Part of Cpaai MGI Worldwide.
  • A global network of independent accountants.
  • Lawyers and auditors in more than 100 countries.

So it was a great pleasure to meet with all the Italian members of Cpaai MGI Worldwide in Bologna a few weeks ago.

We discussed how to grow more and better within the network, thanks to the presence of Giovanni Triunfo, Dario Galloni, Lutz Spitaler, Pierpaolo Vannucci, Matteo Benigni, Enrico Bressan, Marco Petrucci, Andrea Canonici, Gianluca Mariani, Pietro Daidone and Francesco Bartolucci.

Cpaai MGI Worldwide: doing business across borders

Based on our personal experience in the Cpaai MGI Worldwide network, we examine the three main benefits of networking mentioned above:

1. Gaining new markets and customers

A well-organised network of companies becomes an extended economic force beyond its borders.

This is because, in a network, even a small/medium-sized company can tackle international markets with greater confidence, strengthened by cooperation with other companies in the network.

Our firm, through Cpaai MGI Worldwide, can therefore offer its clients an immediate international connection.

To sum up, thanks to networks, every company can:

– access consultancy services more easily and at a lower cost, in order to address markets other than their own.

– overcome bureaucratic or fiscal difficulties, thanks to the sharing of services and knowledge.

2. Making the business more competitive

Today, a company’s competitiveness is measured in terms of innovation.

Through an entrepreneurial network, it is possible to create innovation for one’s own company, with lower costs and better results than trying to innovate alone, thanks to sharing skills and ideas between the various business realities.

3. Enriching skills and collaborative spirit

Relating with other professionals provides a useful opportunity for exchange, and helps the entrepreneur and the professional stay up-to-date with the latest news in the sector.

Moreover, this exchange fuels the collaborative spirit that underpins all network processes.

In the end, these 3 benefits can be summed up in just two words: professional growth. This is the practical result that the Cpaai MGI Worldwide network has brought to us, MGI Vannucci & Associati.

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