Tax Breaks

Fiscal benefits for workers in Italy

Fiscal Benefits for “Impatriated” Workers

  People who want to live in Italy now have a way to save on taxes. In recent years there have been many legislative interventions, all aimed at introducing a special tax system consisting on benefits for workers residing abroad to encourage them to transfer their tax residence into Italy. Article 16 of D.Lgs. 147/2015 …

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Italian Taxation of Foreign Pensions

We often help foreign clients to clarify taxation and declaration of properties and earnings held abroad. Many people decide to live and take up residency in Italy while maintaining property investments and financial activities abroad, or they choose to receive their foreign pensions from the country in which they worked. In theory, this doesn’t seem …

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doing business in Italy

Advantages for Foreign Investors

  With the 2017 Budgetary Law, the Italian tax authorities have introduced advantages in order to provide incentives for foreign investors in Italy. As of today, those who have been foreign residents for years may decide to transfer their residency to our country in order to benefit from the “Flat Tax on Scrooges“. Super-rich foreigners …

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New advantages to attract investors under “The 2017 Budgetary Law”

With the “2017 Budgetary Law”, definitively approved on 7 December 2016, the legislature has introduced a series of dispositions aimed at creating incentives for foreign investments in Italy. The most important measures especially concern those who have a large patrimony, who could be interested in obtaining a fiscal residence in Italy through the combination of …

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