How to help a Foreigner get a dream home in Italy

Paola Mondello of RE/MAX Viva Real Estate Agency
Paola Mondello of RE/MAX Viva Real Estate Agency

Our firm offers support to foreigners in Italy, including consultancy and assistance in real estate, focusing on fiscal norms and formal requirements for significant real estate investments. We collaborate with RE/MAX Viva, led by Paola Mondello.

We work with her to understand the dreams and needs of foreigners regarding real estate and the current opportunities for those wanting to settle and invest in Italy.

We asked Paola 5 questions:

How did you start working in the real estate market for foreigners?

Paola: Since 2002, I have been associated with the RE/MAX network, the world’s largest real estate group in terms of coverage and turnover.

Since 2012, I have been the Broker owner of RE/MAX Viva, an agency established in the heart of Lucca specifically to get in touch with foreign clients attracted by this beautiful historic city.

Our American based background helps us align closely with the expectations of foreign clients.

What are the most interesting real estate investments you recommend in Tuscany?

Foreign clients are mainly attracted to properties with their own history, located in historic centers or in beautiful and attractive country areas.

These types of properties also represent the best investments, especially if purchased today at the “right price”.

Can you share a success story with a foreign client?

Foreign clients love to be guided in their search, they don’t want to view thousands of properties but only a select few that the agent, in this case, the Property Finder, has screened for them in the market.

So, the greatest success for me is when I present just one house that immediately and fully satisfy their requests.

What are the bureaucratic aspects most underestimated by foreign clients?

The purchasing process in Italy is overly complicated, and foreigners really need to be reassured and guided step by step.

First, it’s important to establish a trust relationship with the client, and then it is easier to “navigate” our bureaucracy.

How has Vannucci & Associati contributed to the success of RE/MAX Viva in this field of Real Estate?

I have been pleased to recommend the consultancy of MGI Vannucci & Associati to several of my clients, confident that their expertise and authority would clarify their doubts.

In the end, they made the buying and selling process smoother.

Thank you, Paola Mondello, for your time and willingness to share. If interested in learning more, you can contact her through the agency’s website.

For more bureaucratic and tax aspects related to buying and selling houses, residency permits, and more generally legal and tax services for foreigners, our firm is available.

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