Innovative Startups and SMEs: Work for Equity, Patent box and other tools – CIFA Italia Webinar

Our Senior Partner Pierpaolo Vannucci participated as one of the speakers at the webinar “Innovative tools for SME management and development” (Strumenti innovativi per la gestione e lo sviluppo delle PMI) on Wednesday 17th June, 2020 . This webinar was part of the #IlLavoroContinua series organized by CIFA Italia and Fonarcom and with a platform of over 20,000 members. It was moderated by Riccardo Paterni and featured Andrea Cafà (President of CifaItalia and Fonarcom), Pierpaolo Vannucci, (CPA and expert on Innovative SMEs and start-up) presenting “Startup and Innovative SMEs: Work for Equity, Patent box and other tools” and Leonardo Frigiolini (Economist and expert in crowdfunding and financial sources) presenting “Complementary financial sources for SMEs to the banking ones”.

The webinar generated a marked interest: several hundred people participated and interacted in both live sessions (for the first time, also in live streaming on LinkedIn besides the live streaming on Facebook and YouTube) and afterwards watched the recorded one hour program also available on YouTube at the link below.

President Cafà pointed out how the information and tools presented during the webinar, in order to sustain financially the ideas and practices featured in previous events of the series (all available on #illavorocontinua along with the relevant documentation), show the marked commitment of #illavorocontinua to concretely support the survival and growth of small and mid sized organisations within the context of change brought by the pandemia.

The webinar (available only in Italian) has been recorded and you can view it now on Youtube.

In addition, you can read the material used for this webinar by registering in the platform Il lavoro continua.