Investor visa for Italy: Interview with a US Investor, Residence Permit in Italy in 4 months

What is Investor Visa?

The Investor Visa is a visa for non-EU citizens who decide to make an investment or philanthropic donation in Italy, thus obtaining a renewable two-year Residence Permit, which allows foreigners to live and work in Italy.

The 5 steps to obtain an Investor Visa for Italy


Case study

  • US resident Citizen 
  • Willingness to invest in Italy a sum of at least €500,000 in a capital corporation set up and operating in Italy
  • Willingness to move to live and work in Italy

MGI Vannucci&Associati support throughout the process

During the project MGIVannucci&Associati provided support to the foreign investor at all stages of the process, with the aim of obtaining an investor visa for the client, who intended to make an important investment in Italy.

MGI Vannucci&Asscoaiti interacted with the different actors involved: police authorities, the office of the Ministry of Economic Development, Italian embassy, an Italian bank .

The following are the different subjects involved in the process.

Positive points of the project

Time taken to obtain a visa: 90 days from when the visa was issued to when the Residence Permit was obtained.

Fruitful cooperation between actors: In all phases of the project all actors involved showed a high level of cooperation. 

Responsiveness of the actors involved: All the interlocutors responded promptly. A special praise goes to the Ministry of Economic Development’s office for its speed in providing answers and the necessary documentation.

Customer satisfaction: Finally, the most important thing is that the foreign investor was very impressed by the efficiency of the assistance, the digitalization of the process and the speed in obtaining the Visa and the Residence Permit, as documented in an interview kindly given to him.

Watch the video interview – short version 4′

If you want to know more, here is the 8-minute version of the video.

Residence Permit in Italy in 4 months: transcription of the video

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