Road show International Desk – Italia Brasile – 2^ stop

“Mina Gerais is certainly the best Brazilian State where to invest for an Italian company” said Cristiano Serpa, President of INDI during the meeting with the Italian delegation at Belo Horizonte. Valentino Rizzoli, the Italian Consul attended the meeting too. The presence of 2 million people of Italian origin (of which 1 million in Belo Horizonte) can foster this initiative.

In addition, Mina Gerais State hosts a relevat number of Science and Technology National Institutes (INCT), a total of 13.

Besides technology parks, private research centers and public institutions, Mina Gerais is, according to ABS data, the second State in Brazil by numbers of start-up, with up to 581 companies.

Main attractive areas of interest are: Biotechnology, Health sector, Electronics and Aeronautical sector.

Lastly, in Minas Gerais State there is the second automotive hub of Brazil, including the important and historic settlement of Fiat Chrisler Automobiles (FCA) wich plans to invest on site about 8 billion dollars.

The metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte is also populated of hundreds of automotive components industries.