The instruments for business growth

Telematic Seminar organized by the University of Tuscia


“We have to plan our future now, we cannot think about doing it after the health emergency. It would be too late!”


The partners of our firm, Pierpaolo Vannucci, Mateo Benigni and Omar Bechini, participated as speakers in the telematic seminar organized by the University of Tuscia. The topic of the seminar was focused on the tools available for business growth. In particular, the 10 actions for the restart and business development of SMEs 1-20.

1. Enhance your innovative ideas: Innovative Startup and Smart & Start Italia project
2. Making innovation at its best: Transformation into an Innovative SME
3. Capitalize work and human resources: Work for Equity
4. Register patents, models and intellectual property and access the Patent box
5. Becoming more competitive and enhancing the company through Research and Development activities
6. Accessing or consolidating the company’s internationalisation processes
7. Overcoming the dimensional factor through business networks
8. Drawing up a Business Plan that sets out structurally the business strategy and vision
9. Evaluation of the best use of innovative and facilitated finance tools
10. Anticipate the knowledge of the state of crisis and promote a rapid recovery of the company.

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