The challenge of digital export: marketing and web economy

On december 5th, the Internationalization Commission of the ODCEC of Lucca organized a specialized seminar on Digital Export at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca – Sala dell’oro – Corte Campana n ° 10.

The seminar was organized in response to the needs of companies in the area that intend to consolidate their presence on foreign markets through the correct setting of digital marketing strategies and web economy analysis.

During the seminar, participants had the opportunity to fully understand the following topics:

  • Principles of digital exports, main obstacles and facilitation tools
  • Insights on foreign markets
  • Analysis of the positioning of the participants with respect to the digital export model and possible evolutions in the medium term

Target of reference

The seminar was aimed in particular at professionals, micro, small and medium enterprises (MPMI) manufacturing, cooperative companies, consortia and business networks.

Professionals, entrepreneurs, export managers, sales managers and anyone who qualified to manage international company policy were eligible to participate.


This event was moderated by Pierpaolo Vannucci, MGI Vannucci & Associati

ODCEC Internationalization Commission Coordinator Lucca and MGI Worldwide Partner

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