Doing Business in Italy

Taxation of foreign dividens in Italy

Taxation of Foreign Dividends

Dividends represent profits deriving from the possession of a shareholding. This article will analyze the taxation of foreign dividends deriving from participation in a foreign company, received by a non-entrepreneurial natural person (i.e. individual) resident in Italy, or a company based in Italy. Foreign dividends received by individual resident in Italy Dividends received by natural …

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Flat Tax for Professionals and Small Businesses

The regime forfettario (flat tax rate scheme) was introduced in 2014 for those with a VAT position or business. Now in 2019, for those already in this system or who will be joining it this year (as a new business or transferring from another accounting regime), there are some new benefits. Under the 2019 budgetary …

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business in Italy

Opening a Business in Italy for non-EU citizens

We explained in our previous article the alternatives and modalities for opening a business in Italy. In particular, how to set up a company and the various fiscal and accounting procedures involved. In this article we expand on the formalities for opening a business in Italy for someone who is not residing in the European …

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Setting up an Agricultural Business

  In our last article we talked about the benefits of purchasing agricultural properties in Italy. Now, we will deal with the administrative and tax benefits of setting up an agricultural business. Agricultural business in Italy According to Italian law (art. 2135 of the Civil Code), an agricultural business is one that is directly involved …

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Fiscal benefits for workers in Italy

Fiscal Benefits for “Impatriated” Workers

  People who want to live in Italy now have a way to save on taxes. In recent years there have been many legislative interventions, all aimed at introducing a special tax system consisting on benefits for workers residing abroad to encourage them to transfer their tax residence into Italy. Article 16 of D.Lgs. 147/2015 …

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