Foreign Clients: living and doing business in Italy

We help foreigners who plan on living or doing business in our beautiful country: Italy.

Our strengths are a solid knowledge of the Italian system and our strategically located headquarters, which are always available for our international clients. We provide support in the following areas:

For companies: doing business in Italy

Consultancy for investments in Italy

Solutions, strategies and assistance in wealth protection

Advice on specific investements related to each business profile

Support for investements in real estate, land, companies and shares

Assistance to foreign companies

Fiscal benefits and tax reductions

Advices for the change of residenec and the A.I.R.E. public register

Advice and assistance for the location of the company

For individuals

Assistance to foreign entrepreneurs

Purchase of goods and properties in Italy

Legal assistance

Tax assistance

Retired people abroad

Fiscal benefits and tax reductions

Advices for the change of residenec and the A.I.R.E. public register

Legal and tax assistance

International clients will find in MGI Vannucci & Associates practical and effective answers for the correct execution of the complex requirements imposed by Italian law in tax, accounting and corporate matters. Visit our services webpage for more information.

We are constantly working to provide the best services and results to our customers. Discover our case history and how we have helped several clients achieve their goals.

Our articles for foreigners

Sharing is one of our core values. For this reason, we constantly write and publish useful information on the most important topics for foreigners who want to live and do business  in Italy.

We have written articles on how to sell products in Italy, enter a foreign market, choose a type of company, pay taxes, obtain a residence permit and more.  Read some of our articles below.

doing business in Italy

Opening a Business in Italy: The Basics​

Understanding how business works in Italy may appear daunting to foreigners. Therefore, we provide some indications about the modalities for opening a business and the various fiscal, accounting and tax procedures involved.


Retiring to Southern Italy: Interesting Tax Reductions

Italy is trying to attract foreign pensioners: those who do not reside in Italy and who have foreign pension income. The country offers the right to opt for a substitute tax of 7% on all income produced abroad (not only on pensions) for five years and under certain conditions.


New Advantages for Foreign Investors

With the new Budget Law, the Italian tax authorities have introduced some advantages in order to promote foreign investments in Italy. Super-rich foreigners can meet the Italian tax system's legal requirements by paying a flat tax of 100 000 euros per year and rich foreigners that want to invest in Italy can easily obtain long-stay visas.

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    Experience matters. It allows us to give precise and efficient solutions, accompanied by our extensive knowledge of the Italian system. We share these goals with joy: we help foreigners do business in Italy and simplify bureaucratic processes.
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