Ebook for foreign entrepreneurs: How to Open a Business in Tuscany

The economy in Tuscany is highly developed especially in the Northern part (Lucca, Pistoia, Prato, and Florence). For example, in Tuscany there is the most important tissue district in Europe.

Tuscany is at the top in 6 main industrial sectors:

  • Fashion;
  • Luxury and clothing;
  • Shipbuilding industry;
  • Tissue & paper;
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Information and communication technology.

Furthermore, the unemployment rate in the region is very low compared to the region in the Centre and in the South.

For this economic reason, together with lifestyle and culture of this beautiful part of our “Bel Paese”, we have wrote an easy guide for making business in Tuscany. And it’s a free ebook.

Ebook topics

  1. Introduction.
  2. Opening a business in Italy: the basics.
  3. Tax Benefits in Italy for foreign investors and workers.
  4. Discover Investor Visa for Italy: tax benefits and immigration concessions.
  5. Why use a S.A.P.A. to invest and start a Business in Italy?
  6. Opening a new business in Italy: subsidiary or branch.
  7. Why should you create an innovative startup in Tuscany?
  8. Fiscal Benefits for Agricultural Properties in Italy, especially in Tuscany.
  9. The business license in Italy.

A case study: producing medical equipment in Tuscany

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