Case History 2 – Pharmaceutics

China- European Pharmaceutics


Scope: European pharmaceutical market  

Business Profile: Chinese group operating in the pharmaceutical production and marketing sector and intending to sell its products in Europe by establishing its logistics and packaging point in Italy

Objective: Evaluate the convenience to operate in Italy as a subisdiary, branch or in another form


Analitical activities

    • Analysis of the composition of the corporate group and its needs in the European market

    • Analysis of future prospects and development plans for the Italian and European market

    • Analysis of possible commercial, managerial and relationship development scenarios with the parent company

Operational activities

    • Relations with the Italian company appointed by the parent company in order to obtain the necessary authorizations to sell the pharmaceutical products in Europe

    • Detailed information on each of the hypotheses made

    • Analysis of the main legislative, fiscal and bureaucratic factors related to each choice, including their evaluation and quantification in economic and fiscal terms

    • Assistance in the establishment of a limited liability Italian company (known as S.r.l.) that is 100% owned by the Chinese parent company

    • Direct assistance and guidance to the Chinese administrator about the main aspects of the creation and establishment of the Italian company

    • Assistance in opening a bank account in Italy with analytical translations and clarifications on each of the forms to be signed

    • Assistance in the administrative startup of the business

    • Continuous and general business consultancy, preparation of financial statements and tax return documents, and ongoing relationships with the Chinese parent company


The client obtained a precise and punctual frame of reference that allowed the Chinese parent company to make correct and wise choices with full knowledge of the facts. Our activities mainly helped in the: 

    • Fast implementation of the choice with complete customer satisfaction

    • Overcoming of bureaucratic and cultural barriers

Our services proved to be a key element for the success of this operation.