Case History: Italian Fashion Industry

England - Italian Fashion Industry


Scope: Dress fashion and accessories production in Italy  

Business Profile: Small English company with mainly international customers and willing to produce in Italy

Objective: Evaluate the convenience to operate in Italy as a subisdiary, branch or in another form


Analitical activities

    • Analysis of the corporate, corporate, tax and personal situation of the members of the English company

    • Analysis of future prospects and business development plans

    • Analysis of the personal decisions of the members regarding their residence situation

Operational activities

    • Detailed information on each of the hypotheses made

    • Analysis of the main legal, fiscal and bureaucratic factors related to each choice, including their evaluation and quantification in economic and fiscal terms

    • Assistance to the members of the English company during their acquisition of residence in Italy

    • Creation and establishment of an Italian limited liability company (known as S.r.l.)

    • Assistance in defining relations with the English LTD company

    • Assistance in opening a bank account in Italy

    • Assistance in the administrative start of the business


The English entrepreneurs obtained a precise and punctual frame of reference that allowed them to make wise choices and with full knowledge of the facts.

The fast implementation of the choice and our effective assistance led to complete customer satisfaction.