Case History: England- Italian wine business

England- Italian Viticulture


Scope: Italian viticulture sector   

Business Profile: English private individuals who, after retiring from their professional activity, plan to undertake an agricultural entrepreneurial activity in Italy.

Objective: Purchase a real estate complex including agricultural land and equipment to carry out wine-growing activities.


Analitical activities

    • Tax simulation aimed at evaluating the various investment methods and the impact of certain tax breaks provided for the purchase of agricultural land in Italy.

    • Analysis of the different types of agricultural businesses and enterprises:

      • Basic Agricultural Entrepreneur

      • Direct Cultivator

      • Agricultural Business Professional (IAP)

      • Agricultural Company

    • Analysis of possible tax breaks

    • Analysis of the tax deduction provided for small farm properties (piccola propietà contadina)

    • Analysis of the acquisition of the qualification of Agricultural Business Professional  (IAP) for the agricultural activity

    • Definition of action plans for  the application of the tax decuction rementioned above and for the purchase of the real estate complex

Operational activities

    • Assistance during the various procedures and documents needed in order to establish a tax residence in Italy for the potential entrepreneurs

    • Assistance in the establishment of an agricultural capital company and coordination with the chosen notary (setting up the articles of the business consitution, opening the VAT number, preparing the necessary communications to start a business, and others)

    • Coordination with agronomists for all activities related to the registration of INPS farmers and the Tuscan issue of the Certificate of Agricultural Business Professional (IAP) to both the managing partner and the agricultural company

    • Assistance in drafting the deed of sale for the entire property complex 

    • Continuous on-site commercial and operational support


Establishment of an agricultural company in the form of a limited liability company (S.r.l. in Italian). With our assistance, the client was able to purchase the desired real estate complex, including agricultural land, cellar and various equipment to start the viticulture business.

Thanks to our services and the collaboration with agronomists of the viticulture sector, the client obtained all the necessary elements to start an agricultural activity in Italy.