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Italy: a country where Foreign Citizens can invest

Italy is recognized worldwide as one of the best countries in which to live. Just think of the many UNESCO world heritage sites, the marvelous artistic and natural sites, and all the products of excellence that contribute to making the “made in Italy” brands among the most appreciated and desirable in the world.


A recent survey by USNews confirms that Italy, besides being an excellent place in which to live, is also a perfect place in which to invest.

In fact, thanks to excellent know-how in sectors such as fashion, technology, industrial machinery, and food and biological products, Italy is placed in sixth place in the classification of best countries for capital investment.


In Tuscany alone, there are more than 500 established multinationals in the region; 420 of these are foreigners.

So if you are a non-EU citizen who wishes to live and invest in Italy, the Investor Visa is an opportunity that you should know about.

What is the Investor Visa for Italy?

This is a visa for foreign investors, whose regulation was introduced in our statues with the 2017 Budgetary Law, inserted into the Single Text on Immigration, article 26-bis (modified subsequently by D.L. 34/2020).

How much to Invest

In order to increase its ability to attract investments into the country, Italy allows release of a two-year renewable visa for non-EU citizens who make:

  • An investment of at least 2,000,000 euros in Italian securities;
  • A philanthropic donation of at least 1,000,000 euros to support a project of public interest, in the sectors of culture, instruction, management of immigration, scientific research, and restoration of cultural or landscape heritage.

As an alternative to these requirements, it is possible to invest in instruments representing a business’ capital. The amount has been reduced to half by the Relaunch Decree (D.L. 34/2020) and currently amounts to:

  • 500,000 euros for quoted or non-quoted capital corporations set up and operating in Italy;
  • 250,000 euros for innovative start-ups set up and operating in Italy.

With l. n. 190/2020, the possibility of receiving the visa is also extended to legal representatives of non-EU legal entities carrying out one of the above-mentioned investments.

Italia Startup Visa

Italia Startup Visa

What is the Italia Startup Visa?

Italia Startup Visa is a visa for autonomous work, one year in duration, renewable, for non-EU citizens who intend to set up an innovative startup on Italian soil. 

This was introduced by the Italian government with the so-called Decreto Flussi (Decree of Flow) of 2013, and was renewed in the same form for all the successive annual Flow Decrees issued by the President of the Council of Ministries.

Compared to the ordinary procedure for obtaining the autonomous work visa, the Startup Visa request is simplified, accelerated, and totally digitalized, with rapid concession of the Nulla Osta (declaration of no obstacle).

The steps for obtaining the visa can be synthesized in three phrases:

1. submitting the application

2. accelerated evaluation of the request and release of the Nulla Osta 

3. granting of the visa and entry into Italy

Italy Startup Hub

What is the Italia Startup Hub programme

The Italian government has addressed this issue by introducing, with the Decreto Flussi 2015, the Italia Sturtup Hub programme with which it has provided a digitised, centralised and accelerated procedure to allow international talent already living in our country to obtain a residence permit for self-employed workers.

While Italia Startup Visa is aimed at those non-EU citizens who intend to move to Italy and base their innovative business there, the Italia Startup Hub programme is aimed at those who are already on Italian territory for reasons other than entrepreneurial activity and who wish to set up their own innovative startup and, at the same time, convert their residence permit into a permit for self-employed workers.

The administrative procedure leading to the conversion of the residence permit consists of the following steps:

1. Application to the programme. 

2. Evaluation and issue of the nulla osta.

3. Conversion of residence permit.

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