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For decades we have been providing our expertise related to international real estate, wealth protection, land, companies and shares projects.

We offer dedicated assistance and services to foreigners who wish to invest in Italy.  Overall, we support our international clients in their search for the perfect estate and give them advice on mergers and acquisitions, sales negotiations and legal and tax issues. We provide all these services with diligence and excellence. Therefore, we are able to deliver results that are focused on quality, customer satisfaction and sustainability.

Investor Visa

We find the best opportunity and help you managing the bureaucratic procedures to get your visa.
And you could be interested to have the Investor Visa for Italy.

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We can also provide detailed answers about any enquiry. Our solid knowledge of the Italian system allows us to present practical solutions. Read our Frequently Asked Questions and published articles about specific investments in Italy for more information.

Investment in Italy: Frequently Asked Questions

Most small businesses will choose to incorporate as a limited liability company, known in Italy as an S.r.l. This requires a minimum share capital of € 10,000 that must be deposited, even in part, into an Italian bank account. It is also possible to set up simplified limited liability companies without a minimum capital requirement.

Other types of business structures can be chosen, based on your products and services, personal liability, and taxation. For example, companies without limited liability can be set up, known in Italy as Società semplice or SS (for agricultural activities), Società in nome collettivo or SNC or Società in accomandita semplice or SAS (in which some shareholders have limited liability). 

It is not necessary to set up a company to carry out work in Italy. Foreigners can work individually as an individual entrepreneur (imprenditore individuale) or freelancer (lavoratore autonomo). In these cases, setting up a business is simpler than for a company.

The framework of possibilities and obligations for starting a business in Italy is different for every type of business (read more here). It is therefore advised to turn to experienced professionals in order to seize all the opportunities, choose the best form of business, and avoid errors and possible penalties. 

One of the most important requirement is having a minimum share capital of 10 000 euro (although only 2 500 euro are needed for the set up moment). The company should also be incorporated by at least one shareholder and one director, contain the abbreviation SRL in its name, and have a registered office in Italy.

In addition, you will need a notary and a VAT number. You will also have to comply with some initial formal obligations.

Our firm can take care of organizing all the activities related to the establishment and VAT number. We can also help you acquire the certified electronic mail, digital signature, establishment and endorsement of company books, among others.

Once the company has been set up, it will have to open a bank account with an Italian bank where all the company’s receipts and payments will be managed.

The Investor Visa is a two year visa aimed at foreigners willing to invest in Italy. 

The investment must be realized within 3 months from the issue of the permit, and if maintained, the visa can be extended for another 3 years.

The application process never takes more than 30 days, and family members have the possibility to accompany the entrepreneur to Italy. They will, thus, receive a “visa for family reasons” (for further information about this type of visa read our article on the topic

Our articles about Investments in Italy


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Foreigners acquire property for personal use or to create income by renting it out, but it often needs renovation and maintenance. In such circumstances, it is important to know that the costs of extraordinary maintenance or renovation allow foreigners to save money on taxes. We explain how much and under what conditions one can benefit from these tax deductions.

investor visa

Investor Visa for Italy

A new visa for investors has been introduced for those who wish to make a longterm investment in Italy. The program called "Investor Visa for Italy" is aimed at citizens of countries outside the European Union or Schengen region and allows entrance and stay for more than 3 months. We explain the admission requirements and restrictions involved.


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