Retired People Abroad

Is there anyone who has not dreamed of being immersed in nature in the Tuscan countryside, or of being surrounded by art and history in one of Italy’s beautiful towns and cities? More and more often, retired people from abroad decide to acquire homes and transfer their residence to Italian regions.

When thinking about moving to Italty, it is important to be aware that the Italian fiscal law imposes certain obligations on all those who live there physically, regardless of their nationality or citizenship. Living in Italy means being subject to Italian fees and taxes. Vannucci & Associati can help you carry out a correct and detailed evaluation of your fiscal position, in order to avoid errors and sanctions from financial authorities. 

Our vast experience in solving tax, financial, accouting and legal problems allows us to give our prospective clients answers about the complex Italian system. We can give you detailed answers about any enquiry. Read our Frequently Asked Questions and published articles on the topic. If you have further questions, our team of experts can help you with more accurate answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often help foreign clients to clarify taxation and declaration of properties and earnings held abroad. Many people decide to live and take up residency in Italy while maintaining property investments and financial activities abroad, or they choose to receive their pensions from the country in which they worked. So you may mantain your properties abroad while living in Italy, and this doesn’t seem to involve any special difficulties. But in practical terms, tax matters should not be taken lightly.

According to the general principe of “worldwide taxation”,  people residing in Italy should file a declaration and be taxed in Italy for all earnings, wherever these are produced. However, you may be exempt from certain taxes if your country has signed an agreement against double taxation with Italy (read here some examples).  Considerations range from the type of foreign earnings and property to the country of origin.  In any case, considering the various circumstances facing foreign contributors who reside in Italy, it is always wise to consult an expert in order to avoid problems with the Italian tax system.

Many foreigners decide to reside in Italy while still maintaining the source of their earnings (stipends, pensions, rental income, interests, dividends, etc.) and their own investments (properties, bank accounts, financial activities, corporate shares, etc.) abroad.

People living in Italy should declare and pay taxes in Italy for all earnings wherever they are produced (exemptions may apply if there is a signed agreement against double taxatio with the foreigner’s country of origin).  

A retired person living for more than 183 days every year in Italy is subject to all the fiscal obligations called by Italian law. We summarized the main obligations and deadlines for the year 2018 in this article

Our Articles about the Benefits for Retired People in Italy


Retiring to Southern Italy and Tax Reductions

Italy is trying to attract foreign pensioners: those who do not reside in Italy and who have foreign pension income. The country offers the right to opt for a substitute tax of 7% on all income produced abroad (not only on pensions) for five years and under certain conditions.


Fiscal Requirements for Foreigners in Italy

Many foreginers decide to live in Italy while keeping the source of their earnings and own investments abroad. Nevertheless, a person living in Italy should declare and pay taxes for all earnings, net of deducible fees (according to the principle of worldwide taxation). We briefly explain the most important taxes and deadlines for foreigners.


Foreign Pensions

We often help our foreign clients clarify taxation and prepare their declaration of properties and earnings held abroad. Many people decide to live in Italy while receiving their pensions from the country in which they worked. In theory, this does not seem to involve any special difficulties. But in practical terms, tax matters should not be taken lightly.

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